Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Redwood City Bike Share

Redwood City Bike Share

 Have you ever asked yourself...

"How do I get to work once I get off the train?" 

"How can I run errands at lunch if I don't have a car?" 

"Can I live downtown without a car, or just one car for my family?"


 If so, try Bike Share! 


You can rent specially-designed heavy-duty bikes at a network of stations in our downtown, making this a great option for getting to work after getting off the train or running lunchtime errands without having to jump in your car. 


And of course, by using this convenient and affordable new public transit option, you can help to reduce traffic and pollution! 


Redwood City bike kiosk locations: 

  • Franklin Street just north of Maple Street - in two existing parking spaces
  • Downtown Library - front plaza between parking lot at Library building
  • Broadway between Main and Walnut - on the sidewalk adjacent to Wells Fargo Bank
  • Marshall between Walnut and Maple - adjacent to Kaiser Hospital
  • Caltrain Station - on the sidewalk within the station adjacent to southbound platform
  • San Mateo County Government Center - on the sidewalk, east side of Winslow Street at Bradford Street

 Questions? Visit www.bayareabikeshare.com.   

from: Redwood City E-News, Sheri Costa-Batis