Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oakland Police, In Remembrance

Today marks one of the most tragic days in the history of the Oakland Police Department — indeed, in the history of law enforcement.

Three years ago today, four Officers from the Oakland Police Department were murdered by a paroled felon and rape suspect.

Today we remember Sergeant Mark Dunakin, Sergeant Daniel Sakai, Sergeant Ervin Romans, and Officer John Hege.

Today, the Oakland Police Officers Association will unveil a new memorial sign to be placed along the 580 Interstate on the Keller Avenue overpass. Today, a special ceremony will be held at OPD Headquarters for the families and friends of the fallen four.

Today, we remember these men who made the ultimate sacrifice— in their memory.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Safety Tips

Let’s be honest—most people look forward to St. Patrick’s Day for the drinking. Pinching people for not wearing green is fun, but the event’s spirit rests at the bottom of a good bottle of whiskey and a few pints of Guinness. And Irish stereotypes aside, that’s as it should be. After all, the levity and good natured exuberance of St. Paddy’s help make it such a popular and care free celebration.

However, the greater levels alcohol consumption also make it a day to be responsible. Check out these five St. Patrick’s Day Safety tips to help you successfully navigate the hoopla and festivities on March 17th.

Safety Tips

Predetermine a safe way to get home for you and your friends. Whether you’re watching a parade or going to or hosting a party, ensure everyone in your group has a safe means of returning home if you plan to drink. Select a designated driver, arrange for a cab, plot a bus route, or figure out a nearby place you can crash for the night. It’s a good idea to keep route maps of local public transportation, as well as the numbers for taxi companies handy during the day.

Eat. Drinking on an empty stomach is a good way to end your St. Paddy’s day a lot earlier than planned. Make sure to get some nutrients in you to help absorb that alcohol.

Stay hydrated. Getting enough water will decrease the likelihood you’ll have a March 18th hangover.

If you feel impaired, don’t get behind the wheel. In the eyes of the law, impaired driving is drunk driving, and even if you feel fine, a breathalyzer might not concur. With all the checkpoints on the roads, it’s best to play it extra safe. If you have even the least bit of doubt, don’t drive.

Be extra cautious on the roads. Just because you’re a safe and sober driver doesn’t mean other people are. A disproportionate of traffic accidents on St. Patrick’s Day are caused by people driving under the influence. Whether you’re driving or just crossing the street on foot, keep your awareness levels high.

St. Patrick’s day calls for drinks with friends, a heap of green, and a healthy dose of responsibility. With that formula and the above tips, you can make March 17 a greater and safer night out for you and your loved ones.